Traditional Crackers


Chakkar is the round firecracker which whirls around on the ground.
It is an extremely fancy firework which gives out sparks while whirling around. It is colourful, glittery and safe.

Flower Pots Crackers

Flower pots are the cone shaped firecrackers which shine bright once lit.
They spread out into enchanting designs.

Twinkling Star Crackers

Twinkling stars are the extra-long sparklers that light up as soon as they come in contact with a flame.
They are available in various colours and sizes.


We supply a broad range of sparklers like electric, crackling and coloured. They light at quickly as they come in contact with a flame.
They give out white sparks and coloured sparks. They add light to every occasion and are beautiful to look at.
It is one of the safest firecrackers and thus it is recommended for children use.