Garland Crackers

The garland crackers are shaped like a garland but instead of flowers the string is strung with bombs. We offer garlands ranging from 100 to 1000 bombs. The crackers burst one after the other continuously when the fuse is ignited.


We supply a wide range of Single Shot Crackers.

Atom Bombs

The bombs are manufactured using safety measures. They give out a giant eruption of sparks and a loud sound.

Rocket Crackers

Rockets are the oldest form of fireworks. They are made with the help of colours, flashes and chemicals with special pyrotechnic properties added to gunpowder. They go up into the sky and give out bright sparks in various patterns and designs. They look fancy and are often used to celebrate a victory.
Crackling Magic
Green Matrix
Red Indian
Mighty Flower Atom Bomb
Flower Atom Bomb
Nano Bomb