Products We Offer

Traditional Crackers

Under Traditional Crackers category we at Ajanta Fireworks Industries, offers you Chakkar, Flower Pot Crackers, Twinkling Star Crackers & Sparklers (range from small to big).

Garland Crackers

We provide you the best range of Garland Crackers: 100 wala, 200 wala, 300 wala, 400 wala, 600 wala, 1000 wala, 2000 wala, 3000 wala, 5000 wala and 10000 wala.

Elite Fireworks

Our company is also well-known for its Elite Diwali cracker range. These crackers are specially manufactured during the festival of Diwali. Every year, we come out with a new range of Diwali crackers to add spark to the festival. Our elite firework category includes the colourful chakkers, bombs and the crackling crackers.

Fountain Crackers

At Ajanta, we offer the unique fountain crackers in various forms like the coloured and crackling ones. These crackers are known for their low emission of sound and are free from harmful fumes. It gives out one of the most attractive fireworks display.

Aerial Novelties

The fancy novelty crackers we offer are a box of assorted firecrackers. It is a box of small varieties of fireworks which give multiple effects. Fancy novelties include comets and multiple shot fireworks. Our range of crackers is elegantly crafted and produces multi-sound with a flash.

Gift Box

At Ajanta, we manufacture a whole range of fancy gift boxes every year during the occasion of Diwali. The gift boxes are sturdy and hold a good amount of crackers. Each box contains a list at the rear which shows the crackers that are present inside the box. Our gift boxes are safe and economically priced.